Governor General's Literary Awards

A group of awards presented annually by the Governor-General and the Canada Council for the Arts for outstanding books in both English and French.
Leonardo and the Last Supper
Book - 2012 Winner, Non-fiction, 2012
Nominees: Ross King
759.5 Leona-K
Available in some locations
Mai at the Predators' Ball
eBook - 2012 Winner, Translation (from French To English), 2012
Nominees: Nigel Spencer
Monkey Ranch
Monkey Ranch
Monkey Ranch
Book Winner, Poetry, 2012
Nominees: Julie Bruck
The Purchase
Book - 2012 Winner, Fiction, 2012
Nominees: Linda Spalding
FIC Spald
Available in some locations
The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen
Book - 2012 Winner, Children's Literature (text), 2012
Nominees: Susin Nielsen
YA FIC Niels
Available in some locations
Virginia Wolf
Book - 2012 Winner, Children's Literature (illustration), 2012
Nominees: Isabelle Arsenault
JP Macle
Available in some locations
From Then to Now
Book - 2011 Winner, Children's Literature (text), 2011
Nominees: Christopher Moore
J 909 Moo
Available in some locations
If We Were Birds
If We Were Birds
If We Were Birds
Book Winner, Drama, 2011
Nominees: Erin Shields
Book - 2011 Winner, Poetry, 2011
Nominees: Phil Hall
819.154 Hall
Available in some locations
Book - 2010 Winner, Non-fiction, 2011
Nominees: Charles Foran
819.354 Richl -F
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