Brave New World

Brave New World

Book - 2004
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Far in the future, the World Controllers have created the ideal society. Through clever use of genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs all its members are happy consumers. Bernard Marx seems alone harbouring an ill-defined longing to break free. A visit to one of the few remaining Savage Reservations where the old, imperfect life still continues, may be the cure for his distress...

Huxley's ingenious fantasy of the future sheds a blazing light on the present and is considered to be his most enduring masterpiece.

Publisher: London : Vintage, 2004, c1932
ISBN: 9780099477464
Branch Call Number: CLASS PB Huxle 3558
Characteristics: xxxviii, 237 p. --


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Reason: insensitivity; nudity; racism; religious viewpoint; sexually explicit

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HCL_featured Sep 19, 2018

"Removed from the Foley, AL High School Library (2000) pending review, because a parent complained that its characters showed contempt for religion, marriage, and family. The parent complained to the school and to Alabama Governor Don Siegelman." from American Library Association

Sep 11, 2018

After reading on Wikipedia (who I assume know what the heck they're talking about) that novelist Aldous Huxley intentionally wrote "Brave New World" (his famous, 1932, Sci-Fi novel) as a parody of H.G. Wells' 1923 story "Men Like Gods", that completely changed my whole perspective on this much-lauded tale of the future. Yep. It sure did.

I mean, with the exception of but a few brief moments of carefully calculated irony (thrown into this humourless yarn for good measure), I found "Brave New World" to be some of the absolute driest and clinically hopeless satire I have ever read this side of the 20th Century.

Hey, folks! - I'm not deliberately trying to knock "Brave New World". I'm not. - But, you know, if this piece of fiction was really supposed to be Huxley's supreme jest, lampooning the likes of H.G. Wells, then, believe me, it certainly missed its intended mark - Yeah - By a long shot!

Anyway - I certainly can't argue that "Brave New World" (though now 80+ years old) was, indeed, something of an interesting read - But, for me to honestly rate it as a parody (as Huxley apparently intended it to be), then I couldn't possibly give it more than just an average rating.

ArapahoeSarahD Aug 15, 2018

This book may have been published in 1932 but the story has not only held the test of time, it has predicted our future with frightening accuracy.

PimaLib_MattL Jul 23, 2018

The 'Savage's reaction to society and his escape in this novel reminded me of Frankenstein's monster, except that the real monsters in Brave New World are the genetically selected and drug addicted populace that find the 'Savage' so odd and fascinating.

ArapahoeKarenQB Jul 23, 2018

You'll be surprised at how close to reality Huxley called it from way back in the 1930s.

May 04, 2018

This famous novel was published in 1932, pre-WW2, pre-television, pre-personal computer, pre-Internet, pre-cell phone, and perhaps it was meant to warn us what a perfectionist, totalitarian society with access to reproduction controls, would be. The liberalism of sex for pleasure only not primarily for family, was likely very shocking at that time. People may have been more liberal than they’d admit, but today sex before marriage or even pregnancy without marriage is hardly earth-shaking. I am reminded of Metropolis with its class distinctions and wholly outdated ideas of where society would be in the future, but I liked it for an historic view of that kind of writing, which is contemporaneous with this novel. But BNW I found it not very interesting, perhaps for the writing style, predictions, down-beat ending…I am not sure. Granted that so much of contemporary science fiction is likely way off but more engaging, I still cannot give this one a “pass.” Students of literature might find that the thoughts of the writer, his style, and predictions are worth the reading.

May 03, 2018

One of my favorite books of all time. Very shocking to see such similarities in what thinkers, like Aldous Huxley predicted to what happened in our modern epitome. An great ode, along with satires like Animal Farm and the infamous 1984 on our changing technological world.

Mar 23, 2018

I read this for the "a political book" part of my 2018 reading challenge. I didn't love it, I seem to remember it being more interesting in school. I usually like dystopian fiction but this still seemed unrealistic.

Jan 24, 2018

Pertinent to the way we are moving as a society, zero self sacrifice, the right to happiness over all else, extreme consumerism, and a total lack of morality in terms of sexuality.

Sep 02, 2017

This book took some getting used to. A main protagonist does not appear until around page 42, and then the book switches focus halfway in. Despite this, I found it a haunting and enjoyable read. The way the government uses consumerism to control its population can be seen even now. The need to "Buy new clothes" is conditioned into every citizen's brain, and the drug soma keeps them content and not realizing the real problem in the world. The only families exist in reservations where citizens of the World State can visit them. The ending is very disturbing, and will leave you thinking for a long while afterward.

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Sep 02, 2017

Dragonrat703 thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over

sarahbru17 Jul 23, 2017

sarahbru17 thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

REimo Mar 22, 2016

REimo thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 14 and 99

JuliaXia_97 Jun 24, 2015

JuliaXia_97 thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

May 29, 2014

Jorilynn1989 thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 16 and 99

EuSei Nov 21, 2013

EuSei thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over

Mee2 Feb 21, 2013

Mee2 thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over

Aug 11, 2012

Racheal27 thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

May 02, 2012

victoriajoseveski thinks this title is suitable for between the ages of 17 and 50


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Aug 29, 2015

“Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”

Jun 13, 2015

"Did you eat something that didn't agree with you?" asked Bernard. The Savage nodded "I ate civilization."

May 30, 2015

“But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.”

Dec 06, 2013

"Five minutes later roots and fruits were abolished; the flower of the present rosily blossomed" (88).

Mee2 Feb 21, 2013

"Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth."

EuSei Nov 25, 2012

Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth.

Rinve Aug 03, 2012

"O brave New World with all such people in it"- John the Savage and The Tempest by william ShakeSpear according to the book


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Aug 29, 2015

From the lonely man to the man with all the attention! This book is a roller coaster. From a mad society to insane customs, an unlikely relationship forms. Intelligence grows, yet dangers arise. Unexpected characters come with crazy results.

May 30, 2015

In a future where babies are created in tubes, sex is the main pastime, everyone is always happy (or on soma), hypnotism is considered learning, and there can be 96 people created from a single embryo, we follow the lives of a few upper class citizens (and one other) as they discover what it means to be different in a world where everything is the same.

May 02, 2012

Aldous Huxley predicted however many years into the future with this book Brave New World.
the book (Brave New World) is about a perfect dystopia. the different societys/ social classes. In this book drugs, sex and artificial intelligents are apart of society.

FavouriteFiction Sep 30, 2009

In the world of the future regular sex and drugs are a part of life and babies are not born but created - designed for the type of work they will do as adults.


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May 02, 2012

Frightening or Intense Scenes: hitting and threats are done in this book and other things

May 02, 2012

Sexual Content: ehh i guess if you call taking off your clothes and walking toward a dude than yup!

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