Born in New Jersey (1940), Ricky Nelson (actor, singer, songwriter) began his career as a rock'n'roll entertainer at the age of 17.

It was, of course, with great help from his father, Ozzie Nelson (bandleader, producer, actor) that young Ricky was able to make all of the right connections when it came to this career choice of his.

And, yes, with further support from good, old dad, Ricky was also the very first pop idol to use the medium of TV to promote his records. (Smart move!)

Between 1957-1962 Ricky Nelson was one of the absolute top male singers (and teen heart-throbs) in America. And next only to Elvis Presley when it came to #1 hit songs.

This "Greatest Hits" CD contains 25 tracks in all (recorded between the years of 1957 to 1972). 4 of my favourites are - Fools Rush In, Be-Bop Baby, I'm Walkin', and Hello Mary Lou.

*Note* - In 1985, Ricky Nelson (45 at the time) was killed instantly when the private plane he was travelling in crash-landed near Dallas, Texas.

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